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Care Choice Network Advantages for Businesses

Improve your offerings with Care Choice Network plans. Care Choice Network’s dental plan will help you ensure that your employees and members have access to affordable dental care.

Care Choice Network is your company's innovative dental service solution.

When you work with Care Choice Network, you can help your employees save on dental expenses without the hassle of plan administration, letting you focus on your core business. Our easy-to-use solutions are designed with you in mind. We offer innovative programs that mean significant savings for you and your employees. Plus, we offer marketing expertise and industry compliance with every solution we provide.

How does this help you and your company?

  • Superior client and customer experience
  • Cost containment
  • Industry compliance
  • Marketing expertise
  • Program innovation

Why work with Care Choice Network?

Integrate the Care Choice Network dental plan into your program offerings for happier, healthier employees and smiles.

  • Offer voluntary, affordable dental care options with nationwide access to providers for all employees.
  • Add easy-to-use dental plans and immediate value to boost your current program offerings.
  • Provide peace of mind with no limits on use, age or household size or location.
  • Retain employees with a high-value product and service.

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Sample Dental Savings

It's easy to save up to 50% on every visit to a dentist using a dental savings plan! With no limits on use, our dental plans offer unlimited discounts on numerous procedures. Our plans pay for themselves. The more you visit the dentist, the more you save! Below is a sample overview of how much you can with our dental plans.

ProceduresNormal Full Fee**Sample Discounted Fee*Savings %Total Savings
Diagnostic (Exams, X-Rays)
Periodic oral evaluation - established patient$72$2960%$43
Bitewings - four radiographic images$89$3956%$50
Preventive (Cleanings, ect.)
Prophylaxis - adult$108$5945%$49
Restorative (Fillings, Crowns)
Amalgam - one surface, primary or permanent$198$7761%$121
Resin-based composite - one surface, anterior$215$9058%$125
Prosthodontics (Dentures - Removable, Partials, ect. )
Maxillary partial denture - cast metal framework with resin denture bases (including any conventional clasps, rests and teeth)$2,495$1,09056%$1,405
Total Average % Savings From Normal Full Fee70%1Savings Summary$1793
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Savings Summary

Cost of Procedures WITHOUT a Plan:


Cost of Procedures WITH a plan:


Cost of Plan Per Year:


Total Savings

(Including plan cost)





*These fees represent the CI-6 fee schedule. Normal cost is based on the 90th percentile of HIAA in your area. Fees not listed will receive a 20% discount.
**Prices subject to change.
Current Dental Terminology © American Dental Association


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