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Our discount dental plans offer pre-negotiated savings at participating dentists on a wide range of dental procedures including cleanings, diagnostic exams, x-rays, fillings, crowns and more. Members save an average of 20%-70%1 on most dental services. The dental specialists offer 20% savings for dental services including implants and orthodontics.

Colorado Alpha Dental Plan Savings*

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Prosthodontics (Dentures - Removable, Partials, ect. )
ADA CodeDental ProcedureNormal Full Fee**Plan Discounted FeeSavings
D5110Complete denture - maxillary$2,433$74270%
D5120Complete denture - mandibular$2,464$75170%
D5130Immediate denture - maxillary$2,606$1,06659%
D5140Immediate denture - mandibular$2,638$1,07859%
D5211Maxillary partial denture - resin base (including retentive/clasping materials, rests, and teeth)$1,968$63668%
D5212Mandibular partial denture - resin base (including retentive/clasping materials, rests, and teeth)$1,924$60469%
D5213Maxillary partial denture - cast metal framework with resin denture bases (including any conventional clasps, rests and teeth)$2,495$74570%
D5214Mandibular partial denture - cast metal framework with resin denture bases (including any conventional clasps, rests and teeth)$2,494$74070%
D5281Removable unilateral partial denture - one piece cast metal (including clasps and teeth$1,400$46067%
D5410Adjust complete denture - maxillary$127$4961%
D5411Adjust complete denture - mandibular$127$4961%
D5421Adjust partial denture - maxillary$127$4961%
D5422Adjust partial denture - mandibular$127$4961%
D5520Replace missing or broken teeth - complete denture (each tooth)$264$8568%
D5630Repair or replace broken retentive/clasping materials - per tooth$368$13863%
D5640Replace broken teeth - per tooth$276$9765%
D5650Add tooth to existing partial denture$314$12461%
D5660Add clasp to existing partial denture - per tooth$369$15757%
D5710Rebase complete maxillary denture$827$37355%
D5711Rebase complete mandibular denture$803$36355%
D5720Rebase maxillary partial denture$773$30161%
D5721Rebase mandibular partial denture$773$30261%
D5730Reline complete maxillary denture (chairside)$528$23655%
D5731Reline complete mandibular denture (chairside)$522$23355%
D5740Reline maxillary partial denture (chairside)$501$21657%
D5741Reline mandibular partial denture (chairside)$515$21957%
D5750Reline complete maxillary denture (laboratory)$644$20468%
D5751Reline complete mandibular denture (laboratory)$644$20468%
D5760Reline maxillary partial denture (laboratory)$632$20568%
D5761Reline mandibular partial denture (laboratory)$632$20368%
D5810Interim complete denture (maxillary)$1,284$48962%
D5811Interim complete denture (mandibular)$1,285$48962%
D5820Interim partial denture (maxillary)$1,010$38562%
D5821Interim partial denture (mandibular)$989$36763%
D5850Tissue conditioning, maxillary$304$9070%
D5851Tissue conditioning, mandibular$292$8471%

* These amounts do not include the actual cost of the procedure lab fees.
** Normal Full Fee amounts and discounted fee amounts are based upon zip code 80231. These amounts will vary based upon the zip code of services provided outside of Colorado. Prices subject to change.