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Our discount dental plans offer pre-negotiated savings at participating dentists on a wide range of dental procedures including cleanings, diagnostic exams, x-rays, fillings, crowns and more. Members save an average of 20%-70%1 on most dental services. The dental specialists offer 20% savings for dental services including implants and orthodontics.

Colorado Alpha Dental Plan Savings*

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Prosthodontics (Dentures - Fixed)
ADA CodeDental ProcedureNormal Full Fee**Plan Discounted FeeSavings
D6210Pontic - cast high noble metal*$1,531$49967%
D6211Pontic - cast predominantly base metal*$1,398$42070%
D6212Pontic - cast noble metal*$1,418$43569%
D6240Pontic - porcelain fused to high noble metal*$1,520$51666%
D6241Pontic - porcelain fused to predominantly base metal*$1,400$42570%
D6242Pontic - porcelain fused to noble metal*$1,437$45169%
D6245Pontic - porcelain/ceramic$1,536$50667%
D6250Pontic - resin with high noble metal*$1,441$47267%
D6251Pontic - resin with predominantly base metal*$1,397$44668%
D6252Pontic - resin with noble metal*$1,398$44768%
D6545Retainer - cast metal for resin bonded fixed prosthesis$1,253$47762%
D6548Retainer - porcelain/ceramic for resin bonded fixed prosthesis$1,344$49763%
D6720Retainer Crown - resin with high noble metal*$1,440$48866%
D6721Retainer Crown - resin with predominantly base metal*$1,372$46666%
D6722Retainer Crown - resin with noble metal*$1,390$47166%
D6740Retainer Crown - porcelain/ceramic$1,522$54864%
D6750Retainer Crown - porcelain fused to high noble metal*$1,533$52066%
D6751Retainer Crown - porcelain fused to predominantly base metal*$1,386$42769%
D6752Retainer Crown - porcelain fused to noble metal*$1,424$45468%
D6780Retainer Crown - 3/4 cast high noble metal$1,493$50666%
D6781Retainer Crown - 3/4 cast predominantly base metal$1,378$46866%
D6782Retainer Crown - 3/4 cast noble metal$1,402$49065%
D6783Retainer Crown - 3/4 porcelain/ceramic$1,486$50466%
D6790Retainer Crown - full cast high noble metal*$1,556$50767%
D6791Retainer Crown - full cast predominantly base metal*$1,394$44468%
D6792Retainer Crown - full cast noble metal*$1,466$45869%
D6930Re-cement or re-bond fixed partial denture$240$9361%

* These amounts do not include the actual cost of the procedure lab fees.
** Normal Full Fee amounts and discounted fee amounts are based upon zip code 80231. These amounts will vary based upon the zip code of services provided outside of Colorado. Prices subject to change.