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Our discount dental plans offer pre-negotiated savings at participating dentists on a wide range of dental procedures including cleanings, diagnostic exams, x-rays, fillings, crowns and more. Members save an average of 20%-50%1 on most dental services. The dental specialists offer 20% savings for dental services including implants and orthodontics.

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Endodontics (Root Canals, ect.)
ADA CodeDental ProcedureNormal Full Fee**Plan Discounted FeeSavings
D3110Pulp cap - direct (excluding final restoration)$118$4562%
D3120Pulp cap - indirect (excluding final restoration)$121$3571%
D3220Therapeutic pulpotomy (excluding final restoration) - removal of pulp coronal to the dentinocemental junction and application of medicament$301$10864%
D3221Pulpal debridement, primary and permanent teeth$327$10668%
D3230Pulpal therapy (resorbable filling) - anterior, primary tooth (excluding final restoration)$402$11472%
D3240Pulpal therapy (resorbable filling) - posterior, primary tooth (excluding final restoration)$429$12272%
D3310Endodontic therapy, anterior tooth (excluding final restoration)$1,017$45755%
D3320Endodontic therapy, premolar tooth (excluding final restorations)$1,161$55852%
D3330Endodontic therapy, molar tooth (excluding final restorations)$1,425$72049%
D3331Treatment of root canal obstruction; non-surgical access$852$25370%
D3332Incomplete endodontic therapy; inoperable, unrestorable or fractured tooth$612$23362%
D3333Internal root repair of perforation defects$483$12275%
D3346Retreatment of previous root canal therapy - anterior$1,186$61448%
D3347Retreatment of previous root canal therapy - premolar$1,335$72446%
D3348Retreatment of previous root canal therapy - molar$1,634$87047%
D3351Apexification/recalcification - initial visit (apical closure/calcific repair of perforations, root resorption, etc.)$490$25847%
D3352Apexification/recalcification - interim medication replacement (apical closure/calcific repair of perforations, root resorption, pulp space disinfection, etc.)$359$11468%
D3353Apexification/recalcification - final visit (includes completed root canal therapy - apical closure/calcific repair of perforations, root resorption, etc.)$712$38246%
D3410Apicoectomy - anterior$1,002$52148%
D3421Apicoectomy - premolar (first root)$1,112$57049%
D3425Apicoectomy - molar (first root)$1,243$64448%
D3426Apicoectomy (each additional root)$597$21564%
D3430Retrograde filling - per root$389$15859%
D3450Root amputation - per root$717$32055%
D3470Intentional reimplantation (including necessary splinting)$1,030$63938%
D3910Surgical procedure for isolation of tooth with rubber dam$337$8475%
D3920Hemisection (including any root removal), not including root canal therapy$656$25062%
D3950Canal preparation and fitting of preformed dowel or post$360$11468%

*These fees represent the CI-6 fee schedule. Normal cost is based on the 90th percentile of HIAA in your area. Fees not listed will receive a 20% discount.
**Prices subject to change.
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