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Discount dental plans, also known as dental savings plans, are an excellent solution to access affordable dental care for individuals and families who want to save on dental. With substantial savings on a variety of dental procedures, our dental discount plans provide a low cost solution to maintain oral health. See why millions of people are choosing these affordable dental plans for their dental care, as an alternative to dental insurance!

Discount dental plans for Discounts on Dental Care

Choose a discount dental plan and start saving!

Largest Colorado dental discounts
Deepest discounts

AlphaCO Dental Plan

  • Exclusive Colorado dental plan
  • No Waiting for Services
  • All dental conditions accepted
  • Over 900 preferred Colorado only dental providers
  • View savings before you join

Free discount services on Rx, vision and hearing2

Larger national provider network
Deep discounts

AlphaUS POS Dental Plan

  • Nationwide dental plan
  • No Waiting for Services
  • All dental conditions accepted
  • One of the largest nationwide dental networks
  • View savings before you join

Free discount services on Rx, vision and hearing2

*Plus $20 non-refundable setup fee

What are discount dental or dental savings plans?

Discount dental plans are an affordable and simple alternative to dental insurance. These "dental savings plans" give you access to significant savings and dental discounts on preventive, basic and major dental procedures. Because these plans aren't dental insurance, there are no limits on use, everyone is accepted, there is no paperwork, and there is no waiting to use the services once you are a member. Sign up today and start saving on your next dental visit!

What dentists do plan members get access to?

Our plans include thousands of qualified and credentialed network dentists and specialists throughout the United States. The network dentists and dental providers have agreed to provide a significant dental discount to our plan members, for the same quality treatments and procedures that they provide to non-members. When you visit the dentist, you pay the discounted price and save! It's a no-hassle way to reduce your dental costs! Learn more about how discount dental plans work.

What Members Are Saying:

Save More Money

  • Family dental plans available: anyone in your household can participate.
  • Individual, Family, Child and Senior dental plans.
  • Prices start at only $8.75 a month*
  • You will receive significant savings on dental services.

Free Discount Services

Free nationwide discount services on vision, hearing, and prescription drugs.2

Take 30 Days to Decide

You can cancel within 30 days and receive a full refund, less the enrollment fee!

Cancel within 30 days and receive a full refund (less the processing fee if applicable).

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This plan is not available in Vermont or Washington.

Disclaimer: The discount dental plans are fee-for-service dental plans - not dental insurance.

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