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Family Dental Insurance and Discount Dental Plans

Starting at Only $17.75 Per Month for Family Dental Savings

Are you looking to save on dental care for your family? Do you have a large family? Our popular dental insurance and discount dental plans save money on dental care and include affordable options for families large or small. Starting at only $17.75 per month for families, our dental plans give you access to dental discounts and receive substantial dental savings for your entire family.

Family Dental Plans to Save on Dental Care

Family Dental Plan Advantages

Our Dental Insurance plans offer:

  • No waiting periods
  • 3 cleanings per year
  • A low lifetime deductible (pay it once, never pay it again)
  • Adult dental implants
  • Ortho for children (Gold plan only)
  • Up to $3000 max annual benefits

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Our Discount Dental Plans offer: 

  • No waiting on ANY services
  • Everyone is accepted - No restrictions and no age limits
  • No¬†deductibles to satisfy
  • Discounts on specialists
  • Ortho for children and adults
  • No annual limits (use as much as you like)

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Family Dental Insurance and Discount Dental Plans

Find an affordable dental plan

Start Saving!

Family dental plans can help reduce your family's dental care costs and provide dental health resources for the dental procedures every family needs. Our dental plans for families are designed to make access to routine dental procedures affordable and simple, promoting preventive health care for your family. Visiting a dentist regularly protects your family's smile as well as their overall wellbeing and health.

Some parents may not be aware that tooth decay and cavities are the #1 chronic disease effecting young children according to the CDC. In fact, early childhood cavities are approximately 5 times more likely than childhood asthma. Additionally, children with mouth or tooth pain can have problems concentrating at school and may also be making nutritional choices that can negatively impact their cognitive development and contribute to obesity.

With a family dental plan that saves money on dental care and regular visits to the dentist for cleanings and check-ups, your children and family can help prevent problems before they become serious and more expensive.

Are Dental Plans the Right Choice for Your Family?

You are not alone if your family doesn't have a dental insurance or dental plan. There are an estimated 130 million people without dental insurance in the United States.

Dental plans and dental care for families can be expensive, so it's understandable why so many American families don't have it. Families also have some valid concerns when it comes to some dental plans that add to the financial concerns including waiting periods, deductibles, limitations, exclusions and forms to fill out.

Fortunately, our family dental insurance and discount plans provide affordable options for families to get dental care without many of the limitations of some dental plans. With a our dental plans your family will have access to a network of quality dentists and affordable dental care. Our plans also have no waiting periods, low lifetime (insurance only) or no deductibles, and options for orthodontic treatment.

If your family doesn't have a dental plan and you are looking for affordable dental care for your family, our family dental plans offer an easy-to-use solution. Sign up for a family dental plan for as little as $17.75 a month to start saving when you visit the family dentist, to protect your family's teeth and keeping you family smiling like thousands of satisfied members!

What are the benefits of a family dental plan?

Both our dental insurance and discount dental plans offer plan options that cover two or more family members for one low price. If you have a larger family, with four or more family members, you only pay for the first three. Each family memebr over three reduces the plan cost per family member!

What's the difference between Dental Insurance and Discount Dental Plans?

Dental Insurance Plans

Our dental insurance plans are traditional dental insurance plans but have no waiting periods. But they also include options for up to $3000 maximum benefits, provide your family up to 3 cleanings a year, and include options to see ANY dentist which may not be true with many other dental insurance plans. If you see a network dentist, you may also receive additional savings on pre-negotiated services.

When you visit the dentist, you or your dentist submit a claim for dental care to the dental insurance company. Your plan covers a portion of the dental services (depending on your plan benefits), you pay the remaining amount, and you save on dental care!

Discount Dental Plans

Our discount dental plans offer a competitive alternative to dental insurance plans and are VERY AFFORDABLE. They also give you access to significant savings on almost all dental procedures. You must see a provider in the network to receive any discounted services on these plans. In return for doing this, there are no limits on use, everyone is accepted, there is no paperwork, and there is NO waiting to use the services once you are a member.

The discount dental plan providers have agreed to provide significant discounts to our plan members for the same quality treatments and procedures that they provide to non-members. When you visit the dentist there are no claims to file, you pay the discounted fee and you save on dental care!

Ready to start saving and keep your family smiling?

With family dental plan starting at only $17.75 and savings from 20-60%1 on dental procedures, your family can save while maintaining your oral health. Even better, our family dental plans cost the same whether you add 3 fmaily members or 10!

Get a dental plan to start saving on your family's dental costs!

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1Savings dependent on selected plan.

2Free Discount Vision, Hearing, and Prescription Drug services are in addition to any plan and provided by VSP Vision Care, Amplifon Hearing Health Care, and the AlphaRx Prescription Drug Program. Not available in Washington.

This plan is not available in Vermont or Washington.

Disclaimer: The discount dental plans are fee-for-service dental plans - not dental insurance.

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