Discount Dental Plans

Many people have heard of dental insurance but do not understand the concept of discount dental plans. So what are these plans? Discount dental plans have been designed for the convenience of individuals, families and organizations looking for affordable rates on dental plans and care.

Dentists that accept these plans have agreed to receive lesser payments for their services in return for getting new patients. Members save on dental care and dentists are assured more business, a win-win for both! To receive service as a member of a discounted dental plan, simply show proof of membership when you visit the dentist.

Discount Dental Plans and Dental Insurance

So what are some differences between traditional dental insurance and discount dental plans?

To receive a dental insurance plan you have to first apply for one. After the application, the company will determine whether you are eligible to be covered. With this type of insurance, people who have existing dental problems or conditions have a higher chance of their applications being disapproved or having to wait to receive treatment for pre-existing conditions. Additionally, traditional insurance coverage will have a limit on the benefits per year. With discount dental plans from, there are no limits on using the plan and the discounts are between 20% and 70%.

So how do discount dental plans work in relation to employees and groups of people?

Companies have the opportunity to offer their employees money-saving dental care options without having to take out insurance. This means, the employees get a chance to choose a dental plan that suits their specific needs and not be subjected to annual limits. Since these are discount dental plans and not insurance policies, there are no health restrictions that apply. Also, the paperwork tends to be much less than when applying for a traditional insurance coverage.

Discount dental plans are not only beneficial to the employees, but they are also cost effective to the business. Discounted dental plans can greatly reduce the cost of dental coverage compared to dental insurance. Another benefit for both employee and employer, is that dental plans are available to all ages of people ranging from retirees to part time workers.

To learn more about discount dental plans for companies or individuals, go to Get started with a great dental plan that works for you and start saving money on your dental coverage today.

Advantages of Dental Discount Plans

Over the years, more and more people have opted out of getting dental insurance while dental discount plans have becoming a more popular alternative. A lot of people have the feeling that they are not getting the most out of their insurance. Here are some advantages to opting for dental discount plans.

Lower Dental Premiums

Tradition dental insurance can prove to be quite costly especially if you are not prone to dental problems. However, a dental emergency can also be quite expensive. It is better to try and have some type protection and dental discount plans is great option. With discount plans you could pay a premium of less than $20 a month for your entire family. Discount dental plans tend to be much more affordable and thus a popular option for most people.

No Waiting for Dental Benefits

With most dental insurance plans, there is a waiting period for your benefits to kick in. However, this does not apply with dental discount plans. Any existing conditions that you may have will be covered as soon as you are on the discount dental plan. Typically, tradition dental insurance companies do not find this financially viable and cause the beneficiary to wait for coverage.

Lack of Annual Limits

Unlike traditional dental insurance, dental discount plans do not have any annual limits on your benefits. The reason that most dental insurance providers will have annual limits is to ensure that they are paying out less than the amount of money they receive in premiums annually.

Dental Discount Plans Cover Cosmetic Dentistry

Typically, a large number of traditional dental insurance companies will not foot the cost for cosmetic dentistry. This is usually considered an elective form of treatment and hence you would be expected to pay for it out of pocket. With a discount plan, there are no such restrictions in place as there is no distinction between cosmetic dentistry and the other dental procedures.

Unlike traditional dental insurance, you will find that there are no claim forms that need to be filled with a discount plan. This makes the process faster and much more hassle free. offers a side-by-side comparison of dental discount plans. Find the dental plan that has the benefits and coverage that you are looking for at Alpha Dental Plans and start saving on dental coverage today.

Family Dental Plans

There are several reasons why you should consider family dental plans. A
family dental plan will cover you if you do not have dental insurance.
Getting a dental plan is easier than getting dental insurance and in
many cases, a lot more cost effective. Here are some thing to keep in
mind when comparing dental insurance with dental plans.

A family dental plan is cheaper than dental insurance. The insurance
coverage for a single person is prohibitively high to most Americans and
it therefore follows that family insurance coverage is unaffordable to
most. Dental bills are usually in the hundreds or thousands of dollars.
This could prove very challenging financially for a family with a few
children. Dental plans give you discounts. The average plan cost to you
is as little as $5.95 a month per person.

A family dental plan allows you to choose from different access points.
This is advantageous in that you are able to get a local dentist,
including an orthodontist, that you are most comfortable with. With
dental insurance there are many restrictions on dentist who can perform
a procedure.

You will get savings of between 50% and 70% on most family dental plans
for dental procedures such as cleanings, fillings, exams, x-rays, and
crowns. You will save about 20% on such dental service as orthodontics
and implants.

You should consider family dental plans because you are likely to get
free discount services. As an example, you will get free discount
services on hearing, vision, and Rx when you get your plan through

A dental plan for your family is advantageous in that it offers
unparalleled flexibility. Dental plans allow you to make monthly,
quarterly, or annual payments.

A dental plans for families give peace of mind because you know you are
covered. Dental insurance doesn’t have that same assurance.

Family dental plans are ideal to compliment dental insurance. Often your
employer will offer dental insurance for you but not your family. In
such a case as this a dental plan for the rest of the family would be
ideal so the whole family is covered.