Rethink benefits

A benefits solution as unique as today's workforce

The days of the 9-to-5 are over. Though, the benefits solutions available to employers don't seem to have changed. Today, businesses are made up of employees that come in all forms - dispersed, fractional, contracted, seasonal, part-time, and many more. The Alpha Dental Plan has crafted a one-of-a-kind ancillary healthcare benefits product* that fits your team's unique needs - easy enrollment, low cost, and a frictionless experience supported by real people. Ready to provide your unique team with healthcare savings they deserve?

*Including dental, vision, hearing, and Rx

What makes the Alpha Dental Plan different?

Flexible enrollment options, including direct voluntary employee enrollment*

Quick activation with no term commitments and no open enrollment periods

A bundle of benefits in one simple package

Modern online experience coupled with outstanding customer service

The lowest cost solution in the market!

*Direct voluntary enrollment – With this solution, your employees can become a member of the Alpha Dental Plan through a custom webpage created just for you. They will pay out-of-pocket and can choose when to enroll and cancel.  Best of all, they will receive all of the perks of being part of a group!   All at no cost to the group.

Attract and retain ALL of your talent

Benefits shouldn’t just be available to a portion of your talented team, they should be available for everyone.  By offering solutions that fit the needs of your employees, you can attract and retain the best of the best.  The Alpha Dental Plan is the perfect fit for groups such as

  • Retailers
  • Construction and Landscaping
  • Hospitality – Restaurants, Hotels, Transportation
  • Daycares, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living
  • Municipalities, school districts, universities
  • And So Many More!

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