Summer Sales

Earn up to $2,000 in broker incentives this summer!

How it works:

  • For every new subscriber, earn $100. Add 10 total new subscribers & receive an extra $250 bonus. Max subscriber bonus = $1,250.
  • For every new group, earn $100. Add 5 total new groups & receive an extra $250 bonus. Max group bonus = $750; minimum group size for bonus = 2.   
  • Both incentives work in conjunction with each other. For instance, a new group of 3 employees, a new group of 5 employees, and 2 individual subscribers would equal a total bonus of $1,450 (10 new subscribers at $100 + $250 bonus; 2 new groups at $100).

Promotion runs through September 1 and will be paid collectively at that time.

Alpha Dental Plan not in your portfolio?
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Need an ancillary product partner to enhance your portfolio? We have you covered! Incorporating the Alpha Dental Plan into your portfolio offers significant advantages that can enhance your offerings and attract more clients. Our product stands out with a simple to understand product, flexible enrollment terms and immediate membership activation, your clients can start benefiting right away, and ensuring your portfolio meets diverse client needs effectively and efficiently.

What makes Alpha Dental Plan different?

  •  Flexible enrollment options, including direct voluntary employee enrollment
  • Lowest cost guarantee – no need to get a quote
  • Modern online experience coupled with outstanding
    customer service
  • Simple, transparent product & pricing information
  • But mostly…our reputation!

Benefits to Brokers

  • Direct link for individual sales for low-touch enrollment
  • Competitive commission
  • Access to AlphaRx – discounted prescription benefits – for ALL your clients
  • Additional commission on AlphaRx – the more they use it, the more they save, the more you earn

Grow Your Business with Current and New Clients

By adding Alpha Dental Plan to your portfolio of ancillary products, you'll be positioned to take advantage of the growing dental plan needs in the U.S. With an estimated 20% of the US population uncovered, there is plenty of opportunity for our low-cost product to be an added value to you and your clients.

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Once you have completed your contract send a copy of this information to smile@alphadentalplan.com

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