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Looking for dental insurance? Our dental insurance plans are customized to provide affordable options to meet the needs of individuals and families. Our dental insurance plans are month-to-month and provide a variety of maximum benefit options.

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Dental Insurance Solutions for Individuals and Families

We understand that individuals and families are looking for dental insurance solutions to fit their specific needs. Our dental insurance plans include options for any budget and tailored coverage options offering dental care choices for individuals or families. With choices for higher maximum benefit amounts with more coverage if needed, options if your child needs braces, and immediate coverage on most services, we have a dental insurance plan for you. Discover more about our dental insurance plans below:

  • Affordable Dental Insurance: Our affordable dental insurance plans provide you savings on dental care while still providing the dental coverage you need. With a variety of plan choices you can protect your teeth and wallet.
  • Family Dental Insurance: Oral health for children is very important and taking care of their teeth will help keep them smiling. Our plans offer coverage for your entire family including orthodontics for children.
  • Individual Dental Insurance: Taking care of your teeth as an adult can be costly. We offer individual dental insurance plans that provide a variety of options to help you save money and get the coverage you need.
  • No Waiting Periods: Do you have a toothache or has it been a while since you had your teeth cleaned? Our dental insurance plans provide no waiting periods so you can get the dental care you need quickly.
  • Choice, It's Your Dentist: Do you love your current dentist or need to find a quality dentist? With options to choose from a large network of dentists or ANY dentists you like, you can choose the dentist you want.

Learn more about the importance of dental insurance coverage, and find a plan that's right for you.

What is different about our dental insurance plans?

Our dental insurance plans offer affordable options for dental coverage. The plans have low deductibles to satisfy and multiple options for the maximum amount they pay each year. Our dental insurance plans offer lifetime deductibles (not calendar year), there are no benefit waiting periods, three cleanings are covered per year, adult dental implants are covered, and you can select from various maximum benefit amounts.

Our dental insurance plans include options to see ANY DENTIST YOU LIKE or choose from 400,000 + access points nationally. The dentists and dental providers in the network dental insurance plans have agreed to provide discounts to our plan members for the same quality treatments and procedures that they provide to non-members. When you visit the dentist, you pay the discounted price and save!

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Dental Limitations and Exclusions

Limitations and Exclusions
Dental Expenses will not include, and benefits will not be payable, for any of the following.

  • Covered Dental Expenses for appliances, restorations, or procedures to do any of the following.
    1. Alter vertical dimension.
    2. Restore or maintain occlusion.
    3. Splint or replace tooth structure lost as a result of abrasion or attrition.
  • Covered Dental Expenses for any procedure begun after the insured person’s insurance under this contract terminates.
  • Covered Dental Expenses to replace lost or stolen appliances.
  • Covered Dental Expenses for any treatment which is for cosmetic purposes.
  • Covered Dental Expenses for any procedure not shown in the Table of Dental Procedures. (Frequency and other limitations may apply. Please see the Table of Dental Procedures for details.)
  • Covered Dental Expenses for orthodontic treatment unless orthodontic expense benefits have been included in this policy. Please refer to the Schedule of Benefits and Orthodontic Expense Benefits provision.
  • Covered Dental Expenses for which the Insured person is entitled to benefits under any workers’ compensation or similar law, or charges for services or supplies received as a result of any dental condition caused or contributed to by an injury or sickness arising out of or in the course of employment.
  • Covered Dental Expenses for charges which the Insured person is not liable or which would not have been made had no insurance been in force, except for those benefits paid under Medicaid.
  • Covered Dental Expenses for services that are not required for necessary care and treatment or are not within the generally accepted parameters of care.
  • Covered Dental Expenses because of war or any act of war, declared or not.
  • Alternative Procedures – Occasionally two or more procedures are considered adequate and appropriate treatment to correct a certain condition under generally accepted standards of dental care. In this case, the amount of the Covered Expense will be equal to the charge for the least expensive procedure. This provision is NOT intended to dictate a course of treatment. This provision is designed to determine the amount of the plan allowance for a submitted treatment when an adequate and appropriate alternative procedure is available. You may choose to apply the alternate benefit amount determined under this provision toward payment of the received treatment.