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Not sure what dental plan is better? Now you can easily choose either a dental insurance or a discount dental plan that is the best fit for you or your family. All of our dental plans offer substantial savings on dental work at affordable prices to meet your budget. Please choose one of the plans below to start saving.

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Discount Dental Plans

Our discount dental plans offer a low cost dental option for individuals and families with pre-negotiated dental discounts from 20-60%1.

  • Choose a provider from one of the largest national dental networks focusing on neighborhood dentists
  • Excellent discounts & lowest cost, starting at $13.00 a month*
  • No waiting on ANY services or dental procedures
  • No limits on use – Use as much as you like every year
  • Everyone is accepted - No restrictions and no age limits
  • Flexible payments: Monthly, Quarterly, & Annually
  • Discounts on implants & ortho (braces) for children and adults
  • Take 30 days to decide
  • Optional wellness plan available

Dental Insurance Plans

Our dental insurance plans offer excellent dental coverage for individuals and families with options to select from a variety of plans and coverage.

  • Access to dentists at more than 583,000 nationwide network access points.
  • Affordable, full coverage insurance starting at $17 a month*
  • No waiting periods on services (in most states)
  • $1000, $2000, or $3,000 Maximum Benefit Amount‡‡
  • Lifetime deductible - Once you satisfy, NEVER pay it again
  • Includes up to three cleanings per year
  • Includes adult dental implants & ortho (child only on Gold plans)
  • Take 30 days to decide
  • Optional vision plan coverage available‡‡‡

What's the difference between Dental Insurance and Discount Dental Plans?

Our discount dental plans offer a competitive alternative to dental insurance plans and are VERY AFFORDABLE. They also give you access to significant savings on almost all dental procedures. You must see a provider in the network to receive any discount services on these plans. In return for doing this, there are no limits on use, everyone is accepted, there is no paperwork, and there is NO waiting to use the services once you are a member. The plan providers have agreed to provide significant discounts to our plan members for the same quality treatments and procedures that they provide to non-members. When you visit the dentist, you pay the discounted fee and save! It's an easy and affordable way to reduce your dental costs!

Dental Insurance plans are more expensive but allow you to see ANY DENTIST YOU LIKE. You will have a deductible to satisfy and there is a maximum amount they will pay each year. Our dental insurance plans are far different because the deductible is lifetime, there are no benefit waiting periods, three cleanings are covered per year, adult dental implants are covered, and you can select from various maximum benefit amounts.