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As independent professionals—whether you’re a freelancer, contractor, gig worker, or running your solo venture—managing every aspect of your business includes taking care of your health too. Alpha Dental Plan recognizes the unique challenges you face, which is why we created a subscription-based benefits plan designed for the self-employed and their families. Alpha offers substantial savings on dental, vision, hearing, and at the pharmacy, ensuring you maintain your health without breaking the bank! This efficiency means you can spend less time managing healthcare needs and more time focusing on your business and personal growth.

Ready to sink your teeth in?

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What makes the Alpha Dental Plan different?

Alpha Dental Plan offers an alternative to dental insurance that fits you! With a membership to Alpha, you get:

  • Access to one of America’s largest network of local dentists plus savings of 20–50% on almost any dental procedure.
  • A bundle of benefits including dental, vision, hearing, and prescription discounts.
  • Best-in-class customer service.
  • Quick activation with no term commitments and no open enrollment periods.

Membership Pricing



  • Individual Plan



    You are a couple clicks away from getting the dental discounts you need.

    Two Person Plan



    Both of you need dental discounts? Coming right up!

    Family Plan



    Your household is one step away from saving on dental costs.

  • Individual Plan



    You are a couple clicks away from getting the dental discounts you need.

    Two Person Plan



    Both of you need dental discounts? Coming right up!

    Family Plan



    Your household is one step away from saving on dental costs.

*Plus a one-time, non-refundable processing fee of $20.00.

Frequently Asked Questions

A dental membership plan is an alternative to insurance that fits many people’s lifestyles.  For a small monthly membership fee, members receive a 20-50% discount on most dental procedures at participating providers.  Members pay providers directly at the time of service. Note: dental membership plans are not insurance.

A dental membership plan is a subscription based service with a small monthly fee that provides members discounted pricing on dental procedures at participating providers with no limit on usage. Insurance is traditionally a high monthly fee with an annual usage limit where at least part of the cost of many services is covered by the insurance company.

Dental Membership Plans
– Immediately available for use after membership activation
– Pricing transparency
– Pay for procedures only when needed
– No limits on usage
– Everyone is accepted regardless of age or medical history
– Can be used for orthodontics (i.e. braces) and dentures
– Only available at participating providers

– Benefit wait period may apply
High monthly cost regardless of usage– Annual usage is capped
– Dependents’ age restrictions may apply
– Deductibles may need to be met
– Generally available at most dentists

Being a member of Alpha Dental Plan offers many advantages, including immediate use of membership, pricing transparency, no limits on usage, a large network of providers to choose from, and use on most dental procedures.

As part of our commitment to increasing oral health, Alpha Dental Plan offers a $1,000 no interest line of credit for qualifying members. Learn more here.

Members also receive discounts on vision care, hearing care, and at the pharmacy. Learn more here.

Either follow the Find a Dentist link in the main menu bar or click here; then enter your zip code to get a list of available providers in your area.

Alpha Dental Plan offers discounts on most procedures. We pride ourselves in pricing tranparency. Review the fee schedule to find what you expect to pay during your visit. If you don’t see your procedure in the list, you will receive a 20% discount. Check with your provider prior to the procedure.

You grind. Your teeth shouldn't.

Did you know that nearly 84 million Americans skipped a dentist visit last year. And when you are on your own for health care costs, poor oral health can not only impact your productivity, it can lead to and escalate serious overall health issues — because oral health is part of overall health. At Alpha Dental Plan, we make your smile our priority, PLUS you’ll get a bundle of savings including:

  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • Pharmacy
  • and access to interest-free financing!

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